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Live Like a Local

This is not a strange city
It is my 127th new hometown
This is not an arrival
It is a return.
This is not a hotel
It is my home in this city
Here, I am not a passer-by
But a temporary host.

A superficial touch gives no gratification
A fleeting glance sounds boring to me
I will discover every corner of this city
I will not miss anything cool and fun.
Do not call me traveller,
I am just obsessed with destinations.
Live like a local

LOF in Your Life

Hotel in Japan - Opening in 2021 May

LOF Shimbashi

5-chome-23-4,Shimbashi Minato City,Tokyo 105-0004
Shimbashi is a vibrant district teeming with Izakayas, bars and restaurants – popular after-hours hangouts for Tokyoites. Join the salarymen and sample some chicken yakitori or karaage (fried chicken) or splurge on a gourmet meal without breaking the bank. Work or shop to your heart’s content, then come back and chill with the locals or gaze at the Tokyo Tower from your room.
Hotel in Japan - Opening in 2021 May

LOF Kanda East

Kanda East, Japan
Stay Tune. Coming Soon!
Hotel in Japan - Opening in Late 2021

LOF Akihabara

Akihabara, Japan
Stay Tune. Coming Soon!
Hotel in Macau - See you in 2018

The P16.

Rua do Visconde Paço de Arcos
Locating at San Ma Lou and near the port 16, with the former prosperous inner harbor and the famous Rua de Cinco de Outubro (October Fifth Street) as a backdrop, P16 tells fabulous stories of business development of Macau.
Hotel in Macau - 2018. Be ready.

The Pier.

Avenida de Demétrio Cinatti
The Pier is located in the inner harbor, through distinctive dock construction and sailboat, shuttling in the time and space between the formal small fishing port to today’s international tourism city.
Hotel in Macau - Don't Panic. Coming in 2022.

The gate.

Travessa da Prosperidade
Stay Tune. Coming Soon!
Hotel in China

The Torch

Zhongshan, China
Stay Tune. Coming Soon!
Hotel in China

LOF 未來中心

Hengqin, China
Stay Tune. Coming Soon!
Serviced Office in Macau

The Works
Business Center

Avenida da Praia Grande, No.371

We are located in the heart of the Nam Van CBD on the Macau peninsula. Government offices, financial institution headquarters, Leal Senado square and restaurants are within footsteps. In the two floor spaces, we provide furnished private suites with office furnitures, hot desks, virtual office service and other business services, in addition to meeting rooms, lounge and pantry. Your team will be able to start working on the very first day moving in.

We are not only offering a flexible private office space, but also building a resource sharing platforms for all of our clients. We take away all the administrative hassles and allow enterprises and team members to focus on driving their core businesses. It’s more personalised than a traditional office space, and more enjoyable and efficient than a SoHo.

Co-Living in Macau

Mendes 13

Rua de Silva Mendes, No.13

Mendes 13 is the first co-living space in Macau, situated at a quiet corner of the vibrant Avenida de Horta e Costa. The area is a well known district with historic and modern residential buildings with diverse restaurants, supermarkets and retail shops. Inheriting the Macau heritage characteristics with industrial design, we inject life into the building and collaborates a home.

We redefines the concept of home, transcending living room into a work and play space. Making the kitchen to share your home cooking and the roof as a stage to showcase your talent, and you to shine in this city with lights. Whether you are rushing to work or roaming around every corner to find your moment, you will be embraced by the scents of the neighbourhood and the tastes of life.

Co-Living in Macau

Lot 57

Rua de Estalagens, No.57

Rua de Estalagens is one of the oldest street in Macau nearby the historic Ruin de Sao Paulo and Leal Senado Square. Lot-57 is our newly created co-living space lighting up this street. Once being the most vibrant commercial street in old Macau, the heritage relives the souls and stories as you strolling down this memory lane.

Moving into Lot-57, you will witness the stories of the past, present and future, and create a story of your own. Watermarking this chapter of your life with acquaintances with the people and with the stories. Out of your window, you will hear the sounds of the city while collecting your thoughts in the silence of the nights.

Restaurant in Macau

Soda BingSat

Holiday Inn Express Third Floor
Avenida Marginal do Patane, No.717
Rua do Almirante Costa Cabral, No.9G
Largo Governador Tamagnini Barbosa, No.18d

Memoirs aroused from the past might be fading away, and replaced by the contemporary development in Macau. Soda Bing-sat spices up the sentiments of Bing-sat with youthfulness and trendiness. We are determined to preserve the local tastes of Soda port while infusing the contemporary culinary ideas into each and every creation. A cup of coffee, a sense of place, a mouthful of memories, inspired by our Soda taste.

In the midst of the diverse Macau culinary culture, we inherit the spirit of Bing-sat culture while persisting to creation, ingredients and food quality. We find our niche in between a modern cafe and a traditional bing-sat, and create a vibrant ambience while maintaining a truly local hospitality experience.


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